High blood pressure, home remedies,Treatment, causes

INTRODUCTION:Hi, Guys, This is Aameer Ahmed and today I am going to understand about the High blood pressure, it’s causes, it’s disadvantages. Now I am going the short introduction about the blood pressureBlood pressure is the force/speed/pressure of blood in your arteries as it flow in your body. High Blood pressure (or hypertension) is when your blood pressure is consistently higher from its normal conditionIf we talk about it’s disadvantages so that are very serious. Having a High Blood Pressure can increase the number of heart attack and stroke so please treat it seriously. Don’t be scare about reading this because scare it also a very dangerous. We will talk about this topic next time. So be relaxHigh Blood pressure usually doesn’t have any symptoms. So mostly people don’t know that their blood pressure is high or low until they get checked. All adult 40 years old and over should have their blood pressure checked once every 3 month. Don’t worry I will tell you how to check Blood …

Acne Treatment & Medication for Pimples and Blackheads

Hi, Guys my name is Aameer Ahmed. I was employed with one person who was working as a marketing manager in the company. He deals with the CEOs and the other broad companies presenting their services in high profile situations. He spent time in the public eye.I observe that physical appearance is very important for just about everything, a fact that research in the social sciences. We are often judged by the way we look physically. That’s crucial the first impression is very important in business, entertainment, employment, and social situations. For whatever reason (there are a lot of theories about this) people tend to respond more favorably to attractive then they do to perceived as less attractive. “People assume that If someone is attractive then they have other good qualities as well.I believe that the opposite side of this is also true, too; People who are seen as less attractive often face subtle discrimination and are unconsciously judged as less intelligent, less clean, less …

What are Calories

Introduction:Hi guys Do you really know about the calories and do you want to know about why calories are so important for human health and how it works today I am going to share with you the personal tips and tricks which I have used personal experience on my grandmother.Calorie vs calorie:
A large number of people have a misconception about the calorie, have you ever seen the ingredient list of any product they mostly mention the Calorie with capital “C” Do you know what is that?  Basically, they are defining the kilocalorie. Now maybe some of you have a question about kilocalorie. Here is the difference, A kilocalorie is derived from the amount of heat that is necessary to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water by 1 degree Celsius. Although the packages of food in the United States have "calories" written on their ingredients labels, they are actually referring to the larger unit of kilocalorie.What are calories?
Define in the simple term then we can say that calories…

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Why Negative thoughts Comes in Mind and how to get rid from them

Well does negative thoughts tease you, they are stopping you from going to your unlimited success so this post is now for you.
People Thoughs:
Now Today we are going to talk about People thoughts what are they ? In my opinion what i observe by my self. Is that everybody want to become the successful person in the life. People have so much dreams for instance they want to earn so much money in life Which is count less. Now the question is Why ? Because they want to live luxury life, they want to give happiness to they children, they don't want to feel embrace in front of other people and much more. So when this can be done ? Now the problems starts from here for this to be done first of all we should believe in our-self that i can do this but when we start doing that our mind says that you cannot do this, your are not made for this, Leave it you should do something else this you are not able to that. 
Kind of thoughts:
There are two kind of thoughts  1) Positive Thoughts 2) Negative thou…